Welcome to Portland

Portland is beautiful environmentally progressive Northwest city that has taken the concept of open space planning to heart. The development of a regional government system (Metro) and the adoption of an urban growth boundary in 1979 have helped protect lands outside of the city while encouraging density and vibrancy within the city limits.

Portland is notable for having almost 6,000 acre Forest Park,the fifth largest municipal park in the country. At the same time, master planning efforts have given equal attention to livability and open space within the city, so that Portland today boasts a total of 247 parks and recreational sites including 196  neighborhood parks.

Portland beautiful city

Why Portland?

Portland has great range of classical performing arts institutions which include the Oregon Ballet Theatre, Oregon Symphony, Portland Opera and the Portland Youth Philharmonic. It also has quite a few stages similar to New York’s Off Broadway or Off-Off-Broadway such as Portland Center Stage, Artists Repertory Theatre, Miracle Theatre and more..

Portland’s location, with access both to the Pacific Ocean via the Willamette and the Columbia rivers and to the agricultural Tualatin Valley via the “Great Plank Road” through a canyon in the West Hills, gave it an advantage over nearby ports, and it grew very quickly (source: Portland GovPortland Maine)